Building an R development environment in neovim using Windows WSL

Table of Contents Motivation Why just totaly switch to Linux? Dropbox smart sync support. Tools that are no good alternative Why I use Linux Motivation Right now [Windows WSL](Windows Subsystem for Linux Documentation) can be well integreated Try to build a neovim(https://neovim.

Extract HVAC diagrams of all EnergyPlus example files

Motivation I am wondering if in EnergyPlus, it is possible to directly connect Coil:Heating:Electric and other coils with air terminal units. To achieve, I tried to extract HVAC diagrams of all EnergyPlus example files to see if there is any example demonstrating this.

Understanding node connections in EnergyPlus

Zone HVAC Design Objects Set design specifications of outdoor air Set zone, system and plant sizing parameters Zone HVAC Controls and Thermostats Set zone thermostats Zone HVAC Forced Air Units Zone HVAC components here should directly correct to zones and cannot connect to Zone HVAC Air Loop Terminal Units.

Interfacing EnergyPlus using R -- Intro to eplusr R package

This is a half-day hands on workshop on eplusr. You will learn how to read, parse, modify EnergyPlus IDF and EPW files, conduct parametric simulations and collect results directly in R.