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Interfacing EnergyPlus using R -- Intro to eplusr R package

This is a half-day hands on workshop on eplusr. You will learn how to read, parse, modify EnergyPlus IDF and EPW files, conduct parametric simulations and collect results directly in R.


Indoor thermal environment assessment in existing building retrofitting

Summarized current status of indoor thermal environment in existing buildings and introduced the national standard the Evaluation Standard for Indoor Thermal Environment in Civil Buildings (GB/T50785-2012).

Green Mark Scheme in Singapore: A Comparative Analysis between Singapore and China

An comparison analysis is made between the BCA Green Mark International for Residential Buildings for Use in China (version RB/1.0, referred to as GMI RB/1.0) and Assessment Standard for Green Building (GB/T 50378-2014, referred to as GBL 2014) in terms of rating levels, rating methods, categories, credit settings, and etc.